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Letters, letters, letters! The most significant form of communication is the all important letter. In fact, a letter can either touch the heart of the reader or leave them cold in their tracks. Whether you are preparing a cover letter as a companion piece to your resume or constructing the critical sales letter for attracting new clients, better letter writing means better business.

Perhaps you have tried to convey an important message yet found you were unable to express yourself eloquently or dynamically. Possibly you wanted to write a letter of apology, a letter of complaint or even a letter of closure, yet the words just couldn't be conveyed.

All Your Writing Needs letter writing assistance can help you with any of your letter writing needs. Whether you're attempting to create a flawless piece of communication by way of e-mail or hard copy, if you find yourself stuck for just the right words, All Your Writing Needs will make sure you get results.

Regardless of the subject matter, whether a professional sales letter, special fundraising letter, condolence letter, thank you letter or letter of intent, All Your Writing Needs letter writing assistance will make your words sing.

" Randi and I are so pleased with your work Charlene. Not just with the finished product, which we love, but with your kindness and your follow through. Thank you for being so diligent in your endeavors. We would recommend you in a heartbeat. Many thanks for the great marketing letter. " 
Randi & Larry

"Charlene, I just read the great letter and BIO you wrote for me to a dear friend and she loved it. She agreed with me and thought it was beautifully worded. Thank you for being so on top of this and for your great talent with words. "
...Karen Boyer

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Notification Letters

Cover Letters

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Reference & Commendation Letters

Sales, Promotional, & Fund-Raising Letters

Resumes & Application

Acceptance, Rejection, & Resignation Letters

Thank You Letters

For over 15 years, All Your Writing Needs Writing Assistance has been writing influential copy for companies and individuals around the world. Whatever your writing needs, All Your Writing Needs is up to the task. No job is too big or too small! Either Request a Quote online, call (310) 514-4844 or e-mail at for a FREE Consultation.

"Remember, Better Letter Writing, means Better Business."

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