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  • Press Release Answers Marketing Prayers
    By Charlene Rashkow, Writing Stylist Copyright2003

  • As many of you already know, finding the perfect marketing tool for the least amount of money is a quest that we entrepreneurs seek on a regular basis. For that reason I am a huge proponent of press release writing and distribution, primarily because I've seen some amazing results when a press release is done correctly.

    In my opinion, good press release writing is the one marketing tool that can and will reach millions of viewers simply at the mere click of a button and at a fraction of the cost of most other forms of advertisement. While there are no guarantees that a press release will invite interviews on national TV, the chances of getting hits to your web site as well as more serious inquiries to your business are vastly improved. Of course it is recommended that you don't quit at one press release. The more you put out your information, the more people will be inclined to check out your site or business.

    Once you've written a good press release it is imperative that you find a means of distribution that is not only credible but effective as well. I recently submitted a press release to a Los Angeles based distribution company that met with huge success. Hours after distribution my client was invited for an interview by FOX TV News, in addition to other radio stations and newspapers around the world.

    When writing a good press release, nothing and I repeat, nothing is as important to your press release's success as its title! It is the first thing an editor sees when they look at their list of press releases and therefore must grab their attention immediately. Think about a newspaper headline and how it entices. Listen to the way newscasters tease with upcoming stories. You are riveted to the TV as you wait until the news headline is presented. A good press release headline will do the same. A good press release will entice.

    Since a press release is supposed to be newsworthy, when writing a press release avoid at all costs a message that is strictly promotional. While I realize that a press release is meant to promote an event, a business or a service, it must be done in a way that comes across as worthwhile, interesting and distinct. It should include a detailed account of your product or service without being monotonous. You can include quotes from important representatives or excerpts from happy customers. Make mention of what can be gained by visiting the company, using the product, reading the book or contacting the service, but always keep in the back of your mind that this is not meant as a sales presentation. Focus on the benefits to the reader.

    When closing your press release encapsulate the overall message by giving an overview of your intention. Bear in mind that your ultimate goal of course is for the media to take an interest in your subject matter, which may lead to an interview or a printing of your story. In any event, one great press release can be the answer to your marketing prayers.

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