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  • Wrinkle-Free Web Site Content
    By Charlene Rashkow, Writing Stylist Copyright2003

  • As you consider that there are millions of people on the net who are attempting to influence visitors with their wares, it is vitally important that your site offers something out of the ordinary. Simply because your site is beautiful doesn't mean it can do well on the Internet for contrary to popular belief, what the site says is far more important than how it looks. Good copy sells.

    As an example, a recent visitor named Sharon at wrote me asking for help with getting visitors to her site. When I reviewed the site, I found it well written and very attractive to the eye but a couple of things were missing. First the words didn't grab my attention. There are probably thousands of people who would enjoy taking advantage of the service, but the copy doesn't reflect the excitement of this type of business. When I visited subsequent pages such as the different lodges, I was more excited. If I were in the market for a trip to South Africa, I would be a bit more inclined towards using the services if the site content was more exciting. I recommended to Sharon that she reconsider the copy by making it more enticing.

    In contrast, another visitor named Gordon at offers a site that demonstrates what I'm suggesting. His resort focuses on a retro theme and his copy plus several good pictures demonstrate what his resort is all about. Although the hospitality industry has been suffering as of late, Gordon told me that his site attracts loads of visitors through the Internet. He mentioned that he asked a particular guest how he found the resort and the gentleman told him he found him via the Internet. When Gordon asked him why he chose to stay at the Vintage Palm Springs resort the guest replied, "Your high speed, well written site encouraged me."

    Another site that shares important facts and details in an effective way is from Catherine at Catherine wrote to ask me what I thought of her site which is a definitive travel guide offering tips on the best youth and international hostels, events and festivals including tours and activities worldwide. I found the site very well put together in addition to providing excellent information for those traveling around the world. Although there is not a lot of copy, one particular expression says it very well. "Use our secure online reservation service to guarantee there's a bed waiting at your chosen destination." I found that to be a friendly and encouraging way to get visitors to use their services.

    To realize wrinkle-free website content writing, there are few important points to remember when writing content for your web site.

    1. Wrinkle-Free Website Content Writing must have an intention, so know what you want to achieve.

    2. Wrinkle-Free Website Content must be exciting and interesting so that it encourages people to read further.

    3. Wrinkle-Free Website Content must demonstrate something beneficial to the reader.

    4. Try using less verbiage with more impact; be sure to add some pizzazz to your site.

    5. Use crisp, clear communication and short paragraphs with bulleted points.

    6. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.

    7. Write with enthusiasm.

    8. Make your site easy to read and easy to navigate.

    9. Be sure to address important points clearly.

    10. Don't hide contact information or make it hard to locate.

    11. Include testimonials.

    12. Make sure there are no errors.

    Whether you are designing a new web-site, or revamping one that is already online, wrinkle-free website content must be offered in such a way as to appeal to your target market. Regardless of the service or product, it is wise to put attention on what you are ultimately trying to communicate. Put yourself in the place of your visitors. What do they want to see and what would they like to know right off the bat? When choosing your words make them as appealing and professional as possible. And finally, check carefully for errors. When your web site is complete proudly share it with the world.


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